Dr. Pagette is the most brilliant physician with whom I have come in contact with in my many years of nursing. Combine that with her caring and compassion for patients and you have an extraordinary physician.

–Jane P. Ellsworth, Nurse | Florence, SC

I can't even begin to express the way Dr. Pagette has impacted my life. My kids are my world, and without her to help bring them into the world, my life would not be so full of joy. Dr. Pagette has a warm heart, great personality and makes everyone feel special.

–Kelly Friar, Patient | Florence, SC

Dr. Pagette is very gifted, thorough, kind and very dedicated to her patients.

–Gloria Bacote, R.N. | Florence, SC


I have trusted Dr. Pagette's professional opinion for the last twelve years... Her calm listening spirit soothed my anxiety in more than one instance... When I think of my deliveries, I am convinced my children would not have been as healthy without her watchful eye throughout the pregnancies.

–Josie W. Stratton, Patient | Florence, SC


Saying that Dr. Pagette will be missed is truly an understatement. If I could pack up and go with her I would. Her new patients are getting a jewel.

–Sherry Johnson, Patient  | Florence, SC

Hi!  When I first heard about Mona Lisa Touch, I was confused about how it worked and if it would be painful.  I had an early-in-life total hysterectomy, so my pleasure in sex has been minimal, and thinking this might actually make a difference was extremely intriguing to me.  Could that be possible without undue pain?


When I first encountered the doctor’s conversation about the procedure, I was immediately assured.  She is steeped in knowledge about the female anatomy and the technology involved.  I understood that over the years as we age, tissue thins out and, as that occurs, pleasure decreases.  Certainly that has been my experience.  Could this new procedure yield results?  I was skeptical.


So I decided to try the Mona Lisa Touch process.  And am I ever glad I did!  You would not believe the difference!  I feel like I am 21 again.  The process, believe me, is not painful.  It is thorough and somewhat like an x-ray but safer.  Please try this to rejuvenate your sex life.  You will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner!


After hitting my 50’s, I noticed the changes all women experience at this age. I thought these changes were inevitable, and had resigned myself. After hearing about the MonaLisa Touch, I decided to give it a try, honestly not expecting too much improvement. Any improvement would be a nice change!


When, after the first treatment, I began to notice a positive difference I was stunned! The treatment was fast and painless, and seemed to make a difference right away. I experienced even more improvement after the second treatment, and I plan to return for the third treatment. I also plan to  revisit this treatment once a year (or as often as Dr. Pagette recommends) to maintain my progress.


The MonaLisa Touch has helped me feel young again!


mother and daughter

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